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Want to increase the awareness of NY’s fastest fiber-optic Internet provider in your Capital Region neighborhood? We have you covered! 

We have created a variety of tools and resources for you to help educate your community on Greenlight Networks. Keep scrolling to find out how you can help!


Why Choose Greenlight?

Greenlight Networks is an ultra-high-speed, broadband service provider, offering residential and small business customers Internet speeds up to 2 Gigabits per second. Based in Rochester, NY, and founded in 2011, Greenlight builds, owns, and operates its fiber-optic networks to provide amazingly fast Internet connections to its customers.


We are excited to continue expanding our fiber-optic network into the Capital Region of New York. As we begin the pre-construction in our initial districts, we’re working to design the network, acquire access from utility pole owners, prepare space on the utility poles for our fiber and obtain the necessary easements from homeowners.


Check the status of your address and stay in the know with all things Greenlight by signing upon your website! Express interest by checking availability and you will be sent communication regarding any updates in your neighborhood! 

Ways to Get Involved

We have created some materials for anyone looking to spread the word and talk to their neighbors about Greenlight!

SMS Template

Email Template

Door Hangers

The Fiber Advantage

Greenlight Networks delivers speeds 100x faster than what most Americans receive today. A fiber-optic connection to the home brings benefits like:

Just the Internet

Bandwidth Galore

Free From Fees

No Taxes or Hidden Charges

On Your Terms

No contrat required

Serious About Service

Exceptional Customer Feedback

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